Tailor-made volleyball camp

Organizing volleyball camps is one of our main activities. Every professional volleyball team is different in its demands for a volleyball camp, and every volleyball Manager has a different approach to his volleyball camp. Therefore we create customized offers that are based on individual needs. The following aspects are considered when taking requests:

  • Pre-Inspection site visit
  • Duration of the volleyball camp
  • Training facilities
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Medical and support network
  • Friendly matches
  • Time of year
  • Leisure facilities

Friendly matches

When organizing a good pre-season Volleyball Camp, it is important for a team to measure itself against teams of a similar or superior level. We organize the preparatory matches that guarantee our clients and teams to have those matches that are so important for pre-season. Years of experience in this field has provided us with a wide data base of good contacts enabling realization of the desired level matches.


Our range offers a comprehensive solution for transport of the teams and support teams:

  • Personal transport with the driver – If needed we offer personal driver and transport to supporting members of the staff or its leaders.


In the Center Dras there are two separate dining rooms and two kitchens. The food is prepared by prior consultation with the leader of the expedition nutricist and according to the wishes of teams. 
The "a la carte" Panorama restaurant also offers individual diet with high-quality local ingredients.
We have the ability of Halal kitchen and dining area, and we use it regularly for certain teams.

Facilities we offer

  • Sport Hall Dras - a multipurpose hall for variety of sports; it is suitable for three volleyball courts or three basketball courts. Premium certified basis AIR FLY.
  • Hall Tabor
  • Hall Lukna
  • Fitness Center in Dras (equipped with professional devices Matrix) and all the necessary equipment for the physical preparation.
  • POHORJE – closeness of Pohorje mountain offers teams and top athletes altitude baseed training.
  • Pool complex Habakuk
  • We offer the option of installing TARAFLEX floor according to prelimilary agreement.
  • Massage rooms available for team's own physiotherapist; additionally we offer our physiotherapist due the agreement.
  • We offer laundry of sport equipment if so arranged.
  • All other needs solved in accordance with demand and by arrangement.

Obtaining visas

We prepare all the necessary arrangements to obtain visas for the entire team.

Medical support

In cooperation with medical centers - http://ism-mb.si/institut/